Oil spill risk and damage assessment

RPS have developed deep expertise in the assessment of risk and the potential for damage from unplanned releases of oil and other hydrocarbons into the marine environment. This is critical for the planning and permitting of new assets and developments, and to responding to real world spill events such as Macondo, Montara, Bohai Bay and the Shen Neng. Through hundreds of detailed risk assessment studies, many real-world spill response applications and the continuous development of our peer reviewed and validated software solutions, we provide an unparalleled capability in support of our clients.

We provide rigorous and informative assessments to support oil and gas operators, offshore wind developers, the shipping industry, maritime safety agencies and port authorities. We have more than 30 years' of experience, having studied and developed computer models to predict the physical behaviour and biological effects of hydrocarbons spilled in the marine environment. These potential events range from those resulting from accidental vessel collisions or groundings, to long term blowouts in the deep ocean. We also measure, model and define the marine environmental conditions. We integrate these critical factors with our fate models. 

Our scientists and technology staff played key roles in both the Macondo and Montara spill responses. Through many years supporting these and other major spill events and the subsequent damage assessments we have made significant advancements in weathering and transformation algorithms.  These have included those for unique oils that tend to form emulsions and/or tar balls that substantially improve risk assessment and associated response planning. The result is an environment that is better protected and effects that are better understood.



Our expertise

  • Predicting the fate of short to long-term oil spill events, from small surface spills to long term blowouts
  • Quantifying the risks of exposure and ecological impact to surrounding receptors
  • State of the art probabilistic and deterministic modelling and analysis approaches
  • Simulation of spill response or mitigation strategies for intervention planning
  • 24/7 emergency response modelling services for oil spills
  • Prediction of oil weathering behaviour and eco-toxicological rating of specific oil types
  • Identification of source locations posing highest risk of exposure to key receptors
  • Hazardous vapour assessment related to hydrocarbon spills or blowouts
  • Financial assurance damage calculations

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