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We develop leading software platforms, integrated systems and bespoke data management tools to solve many problems in the marine environment. We are known globally for our OILMAP, SARMAP, OCEANSMAP and EDS platforms, but we offer much more.

Our tools support crisis response by allowing the complexity of events to be predicted through use of intuitive interfaces adaptable to user knowledge level and the rapid integration of metocean data, situational parameters and real-world observation. Our software puts critical information rapidly in the hands of response or rescue coordinators, operations teams, risk assessors and regulators.

Our solutions range from mobile, desktop and to cloud based solutions. We are Amazon and Esri partners, and we have decades of experience in developing and applying advanced oceanographic software solutions. We have pioneered data management and visualisation for many of the IOOS programs, and our experts are actively involved in various standards and framework organisations. We are adept at combining open source solutions with our customised and extended tools, working at the leading edge of our industry.

Some of our software solutions are provided below. Many of these models are powered by our leading Environmental Data Server technology, ensuring quality data are always available the instant it is needed. We are happy to discuss your particular needs and provide a packaged solution and framework that will best meet your needs.

Our expertise

  • OCEANSMAP – global, national and regional ocean and coastal measured data and forecasts connected to analysis tools and delivered online
  • SARMAP – Maritime and Aeronautical Search & Rescue Planning
  • OILMAP – Advanced Oil Spill Model for spill response, preparedness and training for surface spills through to subsurface blowouts
  • OILMAPLAND – Oil Spill Model tools for pipeline and rail spill analysis
  • SIMAP – Extended hydrocarbon spill fate analysis of trajectory (movement), fate (behaviour and weathering), and environmental effects (acute) of released hydrocarbon products (e.g. oil and fuels)


  • CHEMMAP – Advanced Chemical Spill Model for spill response, preparedness and training
  • AIRMAP – Atmospheric Plume Model
  • MUDMAP – Drill Cuttings and Produced Water fate model
  • DREDGEMAP – Sediment transport and environmental impact from dredging operations
  • WQMAP – Coupled hydrodynamics and water quality model


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