RPS undertakes comprehensive economic analysis and research to support the work of clients across many industries. We’re known for our global understanding of how market conditions can affect projects and help make informed decisions that maximise return and mitigate risk.

Realising opportunities through insights

Our team provides reliable information about market conditions and growth opportunities. We offer strategic advice about the commercial viability of complex business initiatives. Whether it’s a social infrastructure program to assist families, a policy to support local investment or strategic valuation of global asset portfolios, we use the latest data and analytical techniques to inform solutions.

With a passion for helping businesses maximise the benefit of their investments, our advice is based on a deep understanding of economic cycles and trends at both micro and macro levels. Working with clients of all sizes and types, we offer custom-designed viability information for businesses operating in highly regulated industries such as energy and water, and economically volatile sectors such as mining, oil and gas.

In addition to our work with private sector clients, RPS helps government organisations to better understand the social context in which they work, identifying opportunities to enhance local services and infrastructure. From population growth projections to need assessments, our analysis helps enhance industry collaboration on projects that benefit the community.

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Our expertise

  • Due diligence research for projects and programs
  • Portfolio and investment options
  • Market assessments, profiling and segmentation
  • Need/demand assessment
  • Project viability and due diligence
  • Demographic profiling
  • Social impact assessment
  • Economic development strategies

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