Flood and Catchment Management

Flood and catchment management seeks to reduce the impact of flooding to our towns, cities, key infrastructure and environmentally sensitive areas. It requires a combined consideration of land and water management based upon our river catchments and our coastal areas as the natural, geographical management unit.

Solving real world challenges

Climate change, population growth, urban and infrastructural development, economic constraints and the demands on natural resources all create a deeply complex and interconnected landscape which requires expertise and precision to navigate effectively. We understand these pressures and our collaborative approach encompasses stakeholder engagement to achieve consensus on the best outcomes. We seek to achieve solutions which manage flood risk and planning for the needs of future generations.  

Supporting central and local government agencies and private clients across the world, we formulate policy, deliver national and catchment scale strategies, execute feasibility studies, deliver project appraisals and site-specific flood risk assessments and design solutions.  


Our processes are supported by powerful Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and our experts utilise the latest software to provide efficient data capture, hydrological and meteorological analysis, numerical modelling, mapping and visualisation of the project environment. 


Our expertise

  • Hydrological assessment, storm surge and Extreme Value Analysis (EVA)
  • Climate change impact assessments
  • Flood forecasting and warning
  • Ground water, urban, river, reservoir, estuarine and coastal numerical modelling
  • Coastal process and sediment transport modelling
  • Flood risk strategies, feasibility studies and assessments
  • Option development and multi-criteria analysis of flood risk management solutions
  • Asset management and assessment
  • Flood alleviation scheme development, design and contract management to completion

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