Capability development and training for the energy sector

We provide today’s energy professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Flexible and adaptable training solutions

We set our clients up for success by sharing technical knowledge and transferring skills. We increase understanding and improve decision making of individuals and teams through a variety of development solutions so that energy can be brought to market, cost effectively and safely.

Flexible training solutions

Meeting today's industry challenges

  • Enhancing your understanding to meet reservoir development challenges

    To accurately estimate reserves and forecast production, it is critical that your technical teams understand their geological and engineering data, and the uncertainty in that data.

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  • Professional skills development courses

    Short courses for energy professionals focussing on boosting productivity and motivation, coaching skills for team leaders and impactful communication and presentation skills in a virtual work environment

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    Professional skills development
  • Develop deep expertise to meet deepwater challenges

    Develop deep expertise in the subsurface hydrocarbon systems behind these deepwater reservoirs to reduce risk and deliver on exploration targets.

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  • Unconventional oil & gas courses

    Develop the technical expertise and skills required to improve recovery and lower costs.

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  • Maximising the value of the North Sea

    North Sea operators can add value by delivering on exploration promises volumetrically, lowering appraisal and development costs and maximising recovery.

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    North Sea

Applications across the oil and gas asset lifecycle

Course subject areas cover:

  • Geology and geophysics
  • Petrophysics
  • Reservoir development
  • Risk and project management
  • Reservoir and production engineering
  • Unconventional resources
  • Data science
  • Facilities and surface operations
  • Interdisciplinary skills development
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Energy diversification

  • Subsurface training for the oil and gas industry

    Long-established portfolio in geosciences and engineering courses from awareness to mastery level, delivered by a blended learning approach of virtual, classroom and field-based training

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  • Carbon capture utilization and storage

    Offering services in storage asset evaluation, CO2 storage project design, monitoring site integrity, and permitting

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  • Offshore wind energy

    Offering services in Permitting: compliance management, consent obligations, stakeholder engagement, Survey Planning: site characterisation risk assessments, coastal and marine impacts, and Asset Evaluation: resource modelling, data management.

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  • Cross-disciplinary themes

    Offering training for engineering, geoscience, hydrology and environmental solutions for reservoir development and management, integrity, site design and monitoring, as well as offshore hazards: the impact of shelf processes on seafloor emplacements.

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Built on a legacy


Built on the foundation of experience, reliability, quality and high level of service. Embracing innovation, new technologies and applying the latest learning science.

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Global subject matter experts

Our approach is to engage Subject Matter Experts to design and deliver specialist curated content. Their ownership of the courses means that they continually update the materials based on their experience and research.

RPS instructors are industry professionals and academics with applied knowledge having decades of relevant experience and cutting-edge expertise.

Our approach


    Development and application of knowledge and skills are best achieved through a combination of learning methodologies.

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    Taking into account different individual preferences for learning styles to maximise effectiveness in a team or organisation.

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    The appropriate learning environment can be critical to a successful outcome.

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