Metocean forecasting

RPS provides unique metocean forecasting services to the energy, defence, resource and property sectors. Our strength lies in our ability to integrate site specific, real time measurements with state of the art model predictions to provide high quality forecasting. These improve significantly on traditional model-only based products, allowing tuning, learning and spectral adjustment to all contribute to a more accurate outcome.

We have harnessed our diverse skills at measurements, real time systems, oceanographic modelling and information portals to provide this advanced service to various industries. Our modelling, in areas where we have studied for many years, have benefited from calibration and a wealth of data resources. We can provide our services with confidence, based on experience. Where our clients can provide extensive historical data, we can bring that knowledge and confidence to other locations.

Better than just another forecast? You bet.

Many locations and client operations presently have all the infrastructure in place to implement these improved forecasts, but the systems are not connected, and the potential of their integrated use is not understood.

We can you help you unlock this opportunity to improve your wave, current and berth/mooring operability forecasting.

Our expertise

  • Improving your forecast performance with calibrated modelling and measurement integration
  • Making the most of your existing infrastructure or scoping and implementing an improved system
  • Using our extensive real knowledge base to provide a better forecast
  • Customising our forecast delivery to suit your needs
  • Working with external partners to deliver coupled weather forecasting services, including tropical cyclone, hurricane and squall advisories.


Metocean forecasting tracking

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