Structural Engineering

First and foremost, all structures must be stable, durable and safe. However this does not mean compromising on aesthetic or intrigue. We combine innovation with technical expertise to deliver structures that can both excite and withstand the pressures of their environment, remaining safe throughout their lifetime.  

Delivering iconic structures

Our deep expertise allows us to anticipate and respond to your challenges. From iconic structures such as the Titanic building in Belfast, to smart structures supporting renewable energy technologies, we engineer with precision and foresight. Delivering long-lasting impactful solutions, we can meet the demands of even the most complex projects.  

Leaders in Building Information Modelling, our designers use integrated analysis, modelling and drawing software to achieve seamless structural engineering designs. Extending this approach to include other design disciplines – including architecture, building services engineering and quantity surveying – brings improved coordination and rapid appraisal of alternative solutions. 

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Our expertise

  • Public buildings (e.g. hospitals, schools)
  • Residential (e.g. housing, flats/apartments, student accommodation)
  • Commercial (e.g. offices, hotels, retail, leisure, media)
  • Industrial (e.g. factories, warehouses, power stations)
  • Aviation (e.g. terminals, hangars, airfield structures)
  • Transportation (e.g. bridges, transport interchanges, stations, train/bus maintenance depots, ports)

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