Drilling support and wellsite geology

While drilling an oil or gas well, project delivery outcomes need to be balanced technically, socially, environmentally and economically. Data from multiple sources must be accurately acquired, evaluated and interpreted as the ability to draw insights from this data and effectively communicate with local and remote team members can significantly impact the well's production. Our experienced wellsite geologists ensure that complex projects are delivered successfully and operate efficiently across the asset lifecycle.

Deep expertise in wellsite supervision across the globe

RPS has provided wellsite supervision for over 40 years and has built a global network of over 200 trained geological well operations personnel. This team has supervised the drilling of over 15,000 wells from regions including the Alaskan North Slope, the Gulf of Mexico, deep water West Africa, the North Sea and the Middle East. Our clients include major exploration and production companies and independents. Our international presence allows us to undertake coordinated and integrated projects worldwide.

Our highly-skilled resources support drilling operations worldwide, often in challenging geographic locations and complex geological environments. Our independent expertise has been developed across the complete spectrum of well drilling activity – from predrill well planning and design, well execution and management to post drilling close out.

Wellsite services across the globe

Geosteering and directional drilling

The single most correlatable fact between high-producing horizontal wells is wellbore placement.


The wellsite geologists at RPS have been geosteering horizontal wellbores with high precision long before the term was coined. These experienced, team-oriented, wellsite geologists collect and interpret real-time on-site data and remove the burden of having to correlate field data on a 24-hour basis.

Our wellsite geologists collaborate with directional drilling teams to better understand how the bottomhole assembly is reacting to the rocks. This ongoing conversation builds a narrative that helps fine-tune the ability to achieve drilling targets and better predict the geological influence on the bit.

geological well operations personnel
wells supervised
decades of drilling experience
Experience in over 36
major basins around the globe

Our expertise

  • Wellsite Geology
  • Operations Geology
  • Remote Geosteering Services
  • Wireline log quality control
  • LWD / MWD quality control
  • Wellsite biostratigraphy
  • Petrophysical support
  • Comprehensive final well reports
  • Drill cutting & core studies
  • StarSteer & R-Steer geosteering software
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Our wellsite geologists

Wellsite geologists at RPS typically have advanced education, extensive core logging experience in the lab, and have conducted post-drill cutting analysis over multiple basins. They are very well versed in complex structural plays, depositional environments, and facies interpretation. Their training and experience allow them to adapt their expertise to any drilling environment. With a focus on training and quality, RPS provides wellsite geologists with rewarding, varied and long-term careers.

Wellsite geologist at work

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