Sustainability and Climate Resilience

In an age where climate change and sustainability continue to top business and political agenda, ensuring environmental responsibility across all development activity is becoming increasingly important. With deep expertise, founded on over 40 years advising on sustainability and environmental issues, we can provide climate resilience assessments and robust development solutions to tackle the challenges that we face.

Creative, sustainable solutions for the future

Using existing data and state-of-the-art numerical models, we can predict future conditions to quantify exposure and vulnerability to weather events and chronic stressors. This insight allows us to help you anticipate and adapt to change.

Our award-winning assessors can guide your projects from inception to completion and advise on the most effective methods of delivering sustainable development. We provide advice on how to identify, assess and manage corporate sustainability responsibilities and implement environmental management systems. Our team has extensive experience in conducting energy assessments to reduce building energy demand and is highly experienced in integrating renewable technologies in all building types. Together we can work to solve real world challenges and identify creative, sustainable solutions for the future.

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Our expertise

  • Corporate sustainability and environmental management
  • Low energy design and energy certification
  • Sustainability assessments
  • BREEAM, HQM, Ska, WELL and ISCA assessors
  • Daylight / sunlight assessments
  • Climate change resilience and scenario planning
  • Data collection, modelling and analysis
  • Exposure analysis and vulnerability assessment
  • Custom visualisation
  • Data management and communication
  • Environmental impact statements and environmental assessments
  • Habitat equivalency analysis and restoration scaling

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