Oil and gas

Faced with regulatory uncertainty, market volatility and growing concerns over long-term energy security, oil and gas producers need high quality commercial and technical advice to support smart, safe exploration and field development, and sustainable ongoing operations.

Global expertise

RPS has been involved in some of the world’s most technically challenging exploration and development initiatives for over 30 years, providing the data to ensure producers invest wisely, stay safe and maximise operational viability – across the asset lifecycle, both onshore and offshore. 

Specialising in technical and advisory solutions for projects delivered in remote, sensitive and operationally challenging environments, we work with clients to manage environmental impacts, build smart infrastructure, optimise their return on investment, and bring oil and gas to market cost-effectively and safely.


Spotlight on ESG

  • Environmental, social and governance (ESG) for the oil and gas sector

    Oil and especially gas are set to play a continued and substantial part in the energy mix for several decades – but the industry is evolving. It's now vital to ensure operations are run as efficiently as possible from an ESG perspective.

    01 /05
    ESG in oil and gas
  • Specialist support for ESG for oil & gas financing

    Oil & gas financing and access to capital are increasingly affected by ESG considerations. Although increased energy security and supply fluctuations have complicated the situation, ESG conformance and compliance is still required by funders.

    02 /05
    ESG in oil and gas
  • ESG due diligence services for oil & gas M&A

    Assessing the ESG profile of an asset is essential to avoid importing risk into your portfolio. Conversely, paying attention to ESG can be a route to greater efficiency and value creation.

    03 /05
    ESG in oil and gas
  • Exploring key ESG challenges for the oil and gas industry

    Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) considerations and climate change concerns increasingly drive public, regulatory and corporate opinion. For the oil and gas industry, this presents some challenges worth addressing.

    04 /05
    ESG in oil and gas
  • Oil & gas M&A: why improved ESG due diligence and data capture adds value

    The oil and gas industry is under pressure to comply with tighter ESG regulation, especially when it comes to funding. There are also real advantages to being on top of your data in the mergers and acquisitions process.

    05 /05
    ESG in offshore oil

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