Occupational hygiene

The role of the occupational hygienist is to anticipate, evaluate and control health hazards in the working environment. To help safeguard employees and avoid work-related injury or illness, we collaborate with clients to develop occupational hygiene policies they can rely on.

Keeping workforces safe and healthy

We provide monitoring programmes, coupled with best practice advice to prevent exposure and minimise risk; typically associated with chemical, biological and physical hazards, plus ergonomic factors.

We take complex legislation and make policy implementation easy for our clients by providing workable solutions and practical measures. Recognising that the hazards and risk profiles for each company are unique, the solutions we provide are bespoke.  

Our registered occupational hygienists and safety experts support our clients from the initial stages of a basic characterisation right through to a full assessment. We can also provide sampling technicians and accredited laboratories for a comprehensive sampling service.  

By addressing hazards and controlling risk, businesses can demonstrate compliance with law and legislation but more importantly keep their workforce safe and healthy. A healthy workforce means fewer days off, happier and more productive employees, and a reduced risk of compensation cost.

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Face fit testing

Face fit testing checks whether a person's mask fits their face shape and size. When worn correctly Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) should protect the wearer from airborne hazards including, particulates, dusts, gases etc.


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