Exploration and appraisal studies

A thorough understanding of the geological and geophysical characteristics of the major hydrocarbon basins ensures RPS can deliver robust technical studies for onshore and offshore exploration projects.

Robust analysis built on deep expertise

The interpretation of this data is critical to inform petroleum system models and play fairway maps to evaluate the optimum exploration drilling programme and ultimately facilitate the ranking of acreage and prospects to support company Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), farm-outs and to generate prospect portfolios for investors.

Our specialist geophysics and geology teams have deep expertise in attribute analysis and biostratigraphic and sedimentological interpretations.


Our expertise

  • Regional geological review
  • Petroleum system analysis
  • Play fairway analysis
  • Identification of common risk segments
  • Basin modelling and analysis
  • Prospect generation and evaluation
  • Seismic survey design and processing – 2D, 3D and 4D
  • Seismic interpretation and attribute reviews
  • Depositional models and well correlation
  • Formation evaluation
  • Clastic, carbonate and fractured reservoirs
  • Geocellular modelling
  • Risk and uncertainty analysis
  • Portfolio build, analysis and opportunity ranking

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