Jeremy Fontenault

Director, Ocean Science

Jeremy is a Director on the leadership team for RPS Ocean Science in South Kingstown, RI. His work is primary focused in two areas: GIS/data management and oil spill modeling in terrestrial environments. He serves as the lead for oil/gas release modeling projects that involve understanding the potential trajectory, fate, and effects of hypothetical releases along pipelines or from other infrastructure. This work helps support integrity management activities like risk assessments, spill response planning, and regulatory compliance. In GIS/data management, Jeremy focuses on building and managing large datasets and databases, completing advanced analysis, visualization, automation, and GIS system architecture to support ocean planning and other data management activities.

Jeremy has a background in natural resource management and geographic information systems (GIS). His 20 years of experience has involved completing advanced analysis and processing with GIS on numerous types of data. Jeremy has expertise in building and managing large datasets and databases and broad range scripting/programming that he has used to streamline analysis, processing of data, and reporting of results. Jeremy enjoys leveraging these technical skills to help make informed decisions about the best use and management of our natural resources.

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