Oil Spill Response Analysis

RPS conducted an oil spill response capability audit of the DNO Kurdistan regional operations. The aim of the capability audit was to: gain an appreciation of the nature and scale of the DNO exploration and production operations in Kurdistan; conduct an independent appraisal of the current status of DNOs oil spill preparedness and response capability; and to make recommendations for improvement.

The field visit led to a detailed Oil Spill Response Analysis (OSRA), explaining the findings and recommendations for improvement of oil spill preparedness and response (including oil spill response equipment procurement recommendations), and the development of Oil Spill Response Plans (OSRPs) for the operational sites. 

Key details

Project name
Oil Spill Response Analysis

DNO (contracted through Bureau Veritas)


Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Services provided

  • Oil spill capability audit
  • Oil spill response analysis
  • Oil spill contingency planning
  • Risk assessment


DNO operates various sites in Kurdistan, including dedicated production facilities, early production facilities and exploration well sites. The challenge was to capture the required evidence on the status of oil spill preparedness and response across the DNO facilities in a limited time; in order to make recommendations for improvement and produce oil spill contingency plans. 

OSRA - project image (3).png


We worked closely with the client to plan in-country activities in a detailed itinerary so that all necessary sites could be covered in the limited time and to ensure that all logistical requirements and security arrangements were organised. 

Our staff worked with a prerequisite audit assessment checklist to ensure that the required information on oil spill preparedness and response was obtained from each of the operational sites.  We then delivered the OSRA in good time for the client’s internal auditing and meeting schedules to enable internal discussions on the recommendations made.

We also provided a structured and integrated approach to the OSRPs, taking into account the local regulatory requirements, industry best practices and the emergency response systems and protocols of the client. 

Project statistics

Production licenses held in Kurdistan by DNO (as of Nov 2018).
Operational sites assessed
Total km travelled by RPS personnel to conduct the site inspections

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