Water and wastewater network modelling and asset management

In today’s highly regulated water environment, we use our deep expertise in asset management to guide investment decisions for our clients, their customers and stakeholders.

A unique integrated offering

We’re recognised for our ability to provide insightful solutions to service and operational performance challenges, such as reducing sewer flooding, pollution or leakage. Our innovative data management and visualisation techniques optimise information from smart networks to target network interventions and maintenance. 

We provide a unique integrated offering from strategy to operations which ensures regulatory compliance, value for money and customer satisfaction.  

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Making complex easy

Our teams investigate root cause, develop effective strategies, and implement efficient designs to deliver optimal operational performance. We are experts in the production of high confidence hydraulic models and use these to define risk-based clean water and wastewater investment strategies to achieve your outcomes.  

We drive industry best practice, create innovative tools, develop bespoke software, and deliver highly skilled modelling and data analysis teams to realise your ambitions.

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Our expertise

  • Hydraulic modelling 
  • River, water quality modelling and integrated catchment management 
  • Risk and consequence analysis 
  • Risk-based investment plans 
  • Sewerage management planning 
  • Clean water zonal studies 
  • Operational and business planning support 
  • Feasibility and design of capital and operational solutions 
  • Leakage economics 
  • Waternet - bespoke leakage reporting software  
  • Wastewaternet - visualisation, risk analysis and strategy development platform 
  • Surface water management / reduction 
  • Sustainable drainage

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