Human health impacts

Health Impact Assessment (HIA) is a multidisciplinary process intended to facilitate more health-conscious planning and decision making by investigating, assessing and addressing three broad domains of public health: health protection, health promotion and health care.

Creating shared value for industries and communities

While the formal requirement for HIA varies globally, the value it provides is unwavering. We work with our clients to refine and align projects with local public health objectives to not only manage risk, but actively support the uptake of health benefits and more effectively address and respond to community health concerns.   

RPS is an internationally recognised and leading HIA service provider with an unrivalled catalogue of project experience encompassing road, rail and airport infrastructure, waste management, grid connections, windfarms, oil and gas projects and new nuclear power stations. Remaining at the forefront of the industry, we have developed national and sector-specific best practice guidance for both the private and public sector alike.


Our expertise

  • Defining sector specific health assessment best practice and guidance
  • Proportionate health assessments tailored to varying international, national, regional and local planning and lending requirements
  • Quantitative exposure response assessments
  • Evidence based qualitative appraisal
  • Health needs assessment
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Community and health stakeholder engagement
  • Development of Health Action Plans tailored to project and host community circumstance, priorities and requirements

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