Real time systems

RPS has been designing, manufacturing and installing land-based and offshore environmental monitoring systems since 1971. Our custom-designed systems provide real-time measurement of operational conditions on offshore exploration & production facilities such as platforms, FPSOs, SBMs & drilling rigs, and onshore facilities such as LNG plants, berthing facilities, harbours & mine sites.

Parameters measured include wind, waves, currents and tides, in addition to full suite meteorological and extending to vessel and structural motions, and mooring line tensions. The measurements are used to support on-site decision-making during operations, to comply with government directives, and to provide ongoing corroboration of design estimates and for use in subsequent simulations and evaluations.

We specialise in integrating our systems into client on-board systems, providing certified display interfaces and supporting a range of direct and near real-time data access through redundant systems. Data from monitoring systems, such as our leading RigADCP work, may also be fully-integrated using global metocean standards in the RPS OceansMap system and data are accessible from web applications, mobile devices, and scientific packages for analysis. Data can be provided in custom formats to meet the needs of individual clients and advanced IT security. Strict quality control is used to protect the integrity and confidentiality of all data.

We work hard to understand your needs, and provide tailored solutions applying our wealth of experience. Our systems and technology are constantly evolving, and we have integrated a vast number of sensors into systems for our clients, from tide gauges, single point to acoustic current meters, anemometers to lidar systems and wave sensors to radars. There is little we haven’t seen or worked with, and nothing we cannot adapt to.

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