Water quality modelling and monitoring

With responsibility to reduce pollution and safeguard the water environment, our integrated catchment management approach offers innovative and sustainable solutions to meet your water quality challenges.


End-to-end expertise

Underpinning our success is the ability to work collaboratively across engineering, modelling, surveying, scientific and planning disciplines. With our in-house laboratory analysis, ecological and environmental compliance services, we can provide end-to-end expertise to help you navigate complexity. 

We identify your pollution and compliance risks through catchment scale surveillance monitoring, Geographic Information System (GIS) spatial risk analysis, targeted pollutant monitoring, and detailed mathematical modelling of receiving waters. This intelligence provides the foundation for regional and national strategies to comply with local and international legislation. Our scope covers investment cycle planning through to specific mitigation solutions for multiple and local discharges.


Creative solutions

With a deep understanding of your challenges brings creative and bespoke solutions, including software development and catchment-wide considerations. By considering social implications alongside environmental and economic concerns, for example ecosystem services and natural capital benefits, we maximise the sustainability and pragmatism of your investments.  

As one of our most valued resources, we are committed to collaborating on research and development initiatives in water and to investing in new equipment, systems and software to continually improve our services 

water leakage

Our expertise

  • Detailed water quality modelling and impact assessments
  • Mathematical modelling of rivers, lakes, estuaries, coastal and groundwater
  • Urban pollution management studies
  • Water framework directive studies
  • Development of bespoke tools to assess regulatory compliance
  • Integrated catchment management and modelling
  • Water quality monitoring and laboratory analysis

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