Environmental permitting and compliance

Commitment to environmental protection is fundamental in development and industrial activity around the world. We pride ourselves on achieving effective environmental protection outcomes and aim to make sure that our clients have the required support, verifications, and permits to ensure compliance throughout a project’s lifecycle.

Enabling development

Our global team understands the needs of industry operators and regulatory agencies and our expertise extends to onshore industrial and waste activities, offshore marine and other major infrastructure development. We help our clients look to the future to anticipate, adapt, and capitalise on likely project opportunities. 
With deep technical knowledge, we can perform environmental modelling and risk and impact assessments in-house, providing hands on support at every stage. From each project’s outset, we can advise on easily integrating all aspects of your activities with regulatory and sustainable development objectives.

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Our expertise

  • Representing your position with the regulators
  • Preparing permit/consent applications, variations, transfers, and surrenders
  • Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) training and audits, assessing best available techniques, and social and environmental impacts
  • Reviewing designs and developing emergency and security plans
  • Corporate social responsibility and sustainability services
  • Developing Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and management plans
  • Conducting modelling of air dispersion, fire and explosion, noise, oil and chemical spill trajectories, sediment transport, and biological exposure to assess risks, impacts, threats, and technical feasibility of potential projects
  • Supporting due diligence, environmental monitoring, and permit/consent compliance through construction, operation and maintenance, decommissioning, and rehabilitation/restoration
  • Training and mentoring staff regarding permitting/consenting requirements

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