Analysis of unknowns

Analysis of 'unknowns' is a powerful tool which can be used to assist at any stage of research and development, production and through life support of a product.

Our experts specialise in the non-routine testing of unknown materials and substances. Our forensic approach enables us to assist our clients and add-value to different stages of their enquiry/investigation.

RPS provides analytical support for the analysis of unknown contaminants in various matrices and for various industries. Using the latest High-Resolution Accurate Mass instruments following the careful preparation of samples and controls, we can detect and identify the elemental composition of the unknown. Advanced software systems enable us to provide key targets and predict degradation and metabolic pathways to formation and potential end products.

Our expertise

  • Batch release testing
  • Impurity profiling
  • Method development troubleshooting
  • Leachables and extractables
  • Quality assurance
  • Product tainting
  • Substance identification
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