RPS has 40 years of experience in model development and application supporting national and international studies for engineering projects, coastal and port development, oil and gas and renewables industries, municipal and industrial waste management, and ocean resource management.

Long-lasting impactful solutions

Our comprehensive range of proprietary modelling software supports a wide variety of work including strategic research and development, environmental impact assessments, sediment and pollutant transport studies, storm surge forecasting, sea level rise and flood risk assessments, offshore engineering design, port and harbour design, maritime safety, coastal process simulation, and scheme design. With our team's expert knowledge of the complex ocean environment and the modelling methods that represent it, we provide efficient in-house solutions to help realise successful projects for our clients.


Our expertise

  • Marine, harbour, and coastal processes
  • Storm surge and river, estuarine and flood inundation
  • Operational forecasting of metocean conditions
  • Metocean design and extremal analysis
  • Tsunami wave generation, propagation and inundation
  • Hydrodynamics, deep ocean and coastal circulation
  • Oil spill risk and response
  • Oil and chemical fate, transport and effects
  • Sediment transport and shoreline changes
  • Drilling discharges and produced water
  • Water quality and thermal discharges
  • Industrial and municipal wastewater
  • Maritime safety and emergency response
  • Vessel motion response

Explore projects

Angre Port 1.jpg
Angre Port
View Project »
Environment (1)0015.jpg
CFRAM Programme
View Project »
Comparative Risk Assessment (CRA) of Response Options for an Uncontrolled Subsea Oil Well Blowout in a Deep Water Marine Environment
View Project »
Dubai Banner 2 (NAM).JPG
Dubai Coastal Zone Monitoring and Forecasting Program
View Project »
Enbridge_Line3 Banner (NAM).jpg
Enbridge Line 3 Replacement Program
View Project »
River (NAM).jpg
Enbridge Mackenzie River WQ Modelling
View Project »
Energy & Renewables - Offshore Wind Farm - shutterstock_107615609.jpg
Environmental Sensitivity and Associated Risk to Habitats and Species Offshore Central California and Hawaii from Offshore Floating Wind
View Project »
Statoil Flemish Pass (NAM).jpg
Equinor Flemish Pass Exploration Drilling Program
View Project »
Narragansett 2 (NAM).jpg
Evaluation of Water Quality Benefits from CSO Alternatives for Narraganset Bay
View Project »
Exxon Newfoundland (NAM).jpg
ExxonMobil Eastern Newfoundland Offshore Exploration Drilling
View Project »
Equinor Floating LiDar 1.jpeg
Floating Lidar for Equinor off the US Atlantic Coast
View Project »
Flooding (NAM).jpg
Flood Margin Assessment for Coastal Nuclear Power Plants in the U.S
View Project »
FSRU Thermal Recirculation Modelling Analysis 3.jpg
FSRU Thermal Recirculation Modelling Analysis
View Project »
Haulbowline East Tip1.JPG
Haulbowline Island East Tip Remediation Project
View Project »
oilspill 2 (NAM).jpg
High-viscous land-based blowout modelling
View Project »
Killybegs 1.jpg
Killybegs Fishery Harbour Centre
View Project »
Norfolk Wave Gauge 3.jpg
Long-term Wave Data Measurements in Support of Coastal Studies for the City of Norfolk, VA
View Project »
Indian Point 1 (NAM).jpg
Mapping of the Thermal Plume from Once Through Cooling of the Nuclear Reactors at Indian Point Energy Center
View Project »
SAR banner (NAM).jpg
Maritime Safety and Rescue Emergency Response Tools & EDS
View Project »
Mornington Flood Alleviation Scheme
View Project »
Deep Water Banner (NAM).jpg
NOAA Deepwater Horizon oil spill
View Project »
Opportunity and Constraints Mapping Ireland.jpg
Opportunity and Constraints Mapping for the Deployment of Offshore Renewable Energy in Ireland
View Project »
Reservoir Inundation Modelling
View Project »
Source array modelling petroceltic - project image.png
Source array modelling, Southern Ionian Sea
View Project »
Storm Surge Inundation Modeling for National Parks in the Northeast US
View Project »
SAROPS 1 (NAM).jpg
US Search and Rescue Optimal Planning System (SAROPS)
View Project »

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