UK and Ireland regulated water asset management

Our Strategy to Operations approach considers all aspects of water management (clean and wastewater), challenge the status quo and deliver optimised solutions for our clients that meet and exceed their regulatory objectives.

Collaborative governance with our clients and their stakeholders ensures we deliver continuous improvement, business benefit and network efficiency while minimising environmental and social impacts.


We have deep expertise of regulatory frameworks to facilitate cost effective, fit-for-purpose asset management strategies for our water industry clients.

  • Risk management
  • Business planning
  • Resilience planning
  • Regulatory submissions
  • Asset management and investment planning

Agile field teams use the latest technologies to connect our clients with robust, quality asset condition data to facilitate cost effective, efficient asset management programs.

  • Asset inspections
  • Asset performance surveys
  • Resilience planning
  • Water quality data
  • Customer data
  • Real-time performance data

We deliver confidence – using our deep expertise we seamlessly organise and validate data, delivering one version of the truth that’s easy to understand.

  • Compliance analysis and modelling
  • AI data validation
  • Data modelling and visualisation
  • Predictive maintenance planning
  • Lifecycle cost and value optimisation

We combine the latest technologies with creative thinking to develop safe, pragmatic interventions that can be relied upon to improve asset performance.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Detailed design
  • Sustainable development
  • Contingency and resilience planning

We work in the best interests of our clients to deliver optimised operational strategies across the asset lifecycle.

We are easy to work with - operating safely, with integrity, honesty and transparency - underpinned by value for money.

  • Improved asset resilience
  • Reduced leakage
  • Improved water quality
  • Reduced pollution and flooding

Smarter network solutions

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