Creative, visualisation and immersive design

In an information-saturated world, presenting your ideas in a format that cuts through takes creativity. At RPS, we make complex initiatives easy to understand through clever design and clear visualisation.

Design with a difference

Stimulating content that inspires positive action is at the heart of everything we do. We use technology to convey complex information with ease and work with your team to deliver content that speaks directly to your audience. 

Our designers, developers and visualisation specialists are here to help you connect with stakeholders across all phases of the project lifecycle through identity and branding, visual and digital design, content strategy and campaign development. 

Inspired by opportunities to enhance user experience through the latest emerging technologies, we partner with you to visualise and present information in unexpected and memorable ways – with a specific focus on the project design phase. 

Building designs represented via 3D model, paper schematic and digital plan

Creative and visualisation portfolio

Explore our award-winning digital, print and immersive design solutions.



Discover RPS digital engagement spaces

A digital engagement space makes participation easy for your stakeholders, driving better engagement for your project and helping you build social license. Community members can access project information, interact with visualisations, share comments, and dive into detail—all in their own time and from the comfort of their own home.


digital engagement space info-graphic screen grab

Our expertise

Creative services 

  • Visual communications  
  • Digital design  
  • Project identity and branding 
  • Visual merchandising  
  • Data visualisation 
  • Illustration and infographics 
  • Motion graphics and video production 
  • Content strategy and development 
  • Mapping 

Immersive design 

  • Immersive technologies – virtual, mixed and augmented reality (AR) 
  • Digital engagement spaces
  • Engineering and design visualisation – interactive renderings, fly-throughs and prototyping 
  • Integrated building information management (BIM) and computer aided design (CAD)  

Augmented reality solutions and more

Using state-of-the-art software and immersive design expertise, RPS can support your engineering and design team to build smarter systems and structures through augmented reality (AR), computer-aided design (CAD), building information modelling (BIM), data inputs to inform effective ‘digital twin’ applications and more. 

3D building model created with CAD and Building Information Management (BIM) software

Online engagement

Providing a more resilient approach to community and stakeholder engagement, online engagement can help you remove barriers, progress approvals and connect with your audience virtually.


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