Design criteria studies

Our experts have delivered the design parameters and detailed analysis critical to successful and sustainable project development in the marine environment for more than three decades. We have the experience and deep knowledge to strike the optimal balance between cost, reliability and functionality and provide our clients with solutions to often complex issues.

Global leaders in metocean analysis

Our solutions are founded on deep oceanographic knowledge, and the seamless integration of measurement, modelling and statistical analysis. We are leaders in modelling extreme metocean events, including tropical cyclones, hurricanes and tsunamis and provide rigorous design criteria that is industry leading. We assess wind, wave and water levels during extreme events, including the important consideration of joint occurrence. We are also highly experienced with transient phenomena such as solitons and episodic internal waves, which are often important design considerations in our complex environments.


Our expertise

  • Frontier drilling
  • Production facilities (platforms, FPSOs, TLPs)
  • Pipelines and subsea completions
  • LNG import and export facilities
  • Port and harbour facilities
  • Renewable energy facilities including monopoles, jacket structures and cables
  • Offshore installations
  • Ocean tows

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