Due diligence

To protect businesses from legal, reputation and financial liabilities, it’s critical to understand the known and potential risks associated with transactions, partnerships and investments. 

Maximum return, minimum risk.

Specialising in due diligence services for highly regulated sectors and sophisticated industries, our team helps clients understand and mitigate the environmental, regulatory and financial risks.

Combining decades of multidisciplinary expertise to assemble a due diligence team that suits your specific asset class and transaction objectives, RPS can help you to develop a comprehensive risk matrix and management plan. Whether you are looking to confirm environmental, safety and yield assumptions for an energy asset acquisition, demonstrate your Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) credentials during sale, or understand the costs associated with regulatory changes for your property portfolio, we provide practical recommendations for de-risking transactions, identifying opportunities and maximising returns.

In addition to due diligence services for strategic investment, divestment and acquisition activities, our specialists identify potentially material risks early and offer long-term solutions to limit exposure by evaluating supply chain, governance structures and compliance protocols.


Our expertise

  • Environmental, Health & Safety due diligence
  • Engineering due diligence
  • Real estate and facility due diligence
  • Regulatory compliance and permitting
  • Product stewardship and liability
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
  • Supply chain sustainability & ethical trade

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