Reserves and independent reporting

Independent reporting on complex oil or gas projects requires highly experienced technical and commercial professionals with international operating experience to provide an impartial, informed and considered view for the client.

Trusted worldwide

RPS has a wealth of experience in providing independent technical and economic assessments of oil and gas assets internationally. Our specialists work closely with clients to find the most practical and cost-effective solutions – to deliver long term viability and ongoing value to stakeholders and shareholders.

All senior members of our team have the necessary expertise to prepare and deliver Competent Person’s Reports (CPRs) for transactions to the specific reporting requirements of the major stock exchanges.

These reports include

  • CPRs (or mineral expert reports) for public flotation and private fund raising
  • Valuation reports for banks providing project finance or reserves-based lending
  • Annual reserves reports

Our staff hold a range of professional qualifications, including Certified Petroleum Geologists (USA), Licensed Professional Engineers and Geologists (Canada) and Chartered Engineers and Chartered Geologists (UK). Most key staff have gained considerable international experience whilst employed by major international oil companies or service companies.


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