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We believe that the most important decisions should be made with the best information. We support major energy, mining, government, regulators, defence, engineering and environmental clients looking for reliable and innovative solutions supporting development in and management of the coastal and offshore environment. With a breadth of services from the most challenging metocean measurement, leading-edge data analysis and management, quantitative environmental impact prediction and class-leading software and web technologies, it is not hard to see why.

The metocean, science and technology team at RPS supports our clients with a depth of understanding of the ocean and the challenges measuring, predicting, operating and managing it that can only be gained through decades of experience and continuous improvement.

Technology and innovation are at the heart of what we do, while quality and safety guide our approach. We thrive on the complex and the challenging. We provide absolute delivery and long-term value for our clients while working to ensure our people, and all those we work with, return home safe each and every day.

Metocean solutions

The RPS metocean science and technology team is a global group offering a unique blend of skills and experience. This team has built a reputation for reliability, excellence and technological innovation to develop a variety of solutions.

Our toolkit is large and adaptive, built on skills, software and world leading equipment. Our clients select us for innovation, agility and class leading accuracy for projects across many sectors including oil and gas, offshore wind, defence and government services.

Watch this short video for an introduction to what we offer, or scroll down to explore more. 

Reliable environmental solutions deployed offshore

RPS took traditional LiDAR technology and integrated it into a buoy with power, data storage and satellite communication capabilities. 

Applying our deep expertise of offshore measurement, our design and development process was focussed on creating a reliable design to maximise data accuracy and return, while making the process of information gathering easier and more cost-effective for our clients.

You can read the full story here. And for more information please make contact with one of our regional representatives below.

Floating lidar sea trial metocean measurement

Equinor and RPS successfully launch new LiDAR buoys in South Korea

Equinor is planning to develop the floating offshore wind project Firefly. Over the next year, a feasibility study into the viability of wind resource will be conducted. RPS was engaged to deliver two Floating LiDAR buoys to collect the data that will determine future investment decisions. They were recently deployed into the East Sea from Ulsan, marking a significant project milestone.

You can read the full story here. And for more information please make contact with one of our regional representatives below.

LiDAR deployment Sth Korea_osw.jpg

An interview with Michael Wiegele, Senior Oceanographic Project Manager

Michael joined RPS around 15 years ago, and over his career with us has seen our metocean science and technology division grow from strength to strength.

In this interview, Michael describes the evolution of RPS’ Floating LiDAR buoy as we’ve continued our push into the renewables sector. From the beginning the team designed our buoys to be environmentally friendly, and resilient in the inevitably harsh ocean conditions.

Michael is truly passionate about his own work, and the work that RPS delivers for our clients – making complex easy is more than a tag line, it’s how we show up, every single day.


Our Metocean technology

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