Utility options and design

As energy availability through traditional means becomes more challenging, modern projects require dynamic thinking. Challenges with traditional supply arrangements can create significant time and cost constraints, making a development unviable. We specialise in providing unbiased advice on alternative solutions.

Challenging traditional approaches

The right energy and utility strategy can elevate a development. Covering electricity, gas, water, data, telecommunications, district heat and cooling, we negotiate with network and system operators to deliver viable solutions. By making complex easy we help to remove constraints and unlock potential.

With deep expertise we challenge traditional approaches and create new opportunity through known, cutting edge and emergent technologies. Working in partnership with our clients, we provide advice and support every step of the way throughout the decision-making process.

More than cost and timescales, our solutions consider commercial opportunity, technical innovation and sustainability as well as potential occupier ambitions and requirements. By doing this we can make developments not only viable, but desirable; helping to lower risk throughout the project life cycle and future-proof the development.


Our expertise

  • Feasibility assessment
  • Utility constraint assessment
  • Network operator submissions and negotiations
  • Diversion/connection design recommendations and approval
  • Cost planning, programming, tender and procurement
  • Client consultant during installation

Energy and utility solutions

  • Electricity

    With over 100 years' combined experience we assess required capacity and negotiate on clients' behalf. Options such as on-site generation are brought forward where grid capacity otherwise constrains a site.

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  • Gas

    We can mediate effectively for clients with new supply and diversion requirements. Alternative gas sources are considered when appropriate to the client’s ambitions and constraints of existing supply.

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  • Water

    With deep expertise in connections and capacity requirements we can effectively manage the network operator relationship; for more challenging sites covering the provision of on-site water treatment.

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  • Data and telecommunications

    As data is a growing component of any site, we ensure a site is enabled according to the myriad requirements of our clients and their tenants; including installation, upgrades and diversions.

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  • District heating and cooling

    Providing expert advice on district heating and cooling, we strive to ensure that energy that would otherwise be lost is utilised effectively in other areas of the development.

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