Strategy and transformation

With markets trends, consumer expectations and policy changes impacting the world in unprecedented ways, strategic transformation projects are vital to help businesses stay competitive while meeting the needs of customers, investors and stakeholders.

Strategies for success

Whether you’re a government agency or private enterprise, establishing, evaluating and improving your portfolio and program strategy can help ensure that the outcomes you generate are aligned with your commercial intent.

Drawing on global experience with a wide variety of organisations and project types, our focus is on helping you make informed decisions about business structure while enhancing the capabilities of your team and maximising the performance of your investments.



By engaging with stakeholders to understand and analyse business context, we identify barriers to success and opportunities to improve. Using this knowledge, we develop strategies, policies and plans that combine deep technical expertise with practical project implementation.

Working with government agencies at local, regional and national levels, we facilitate strategic collaboration between the public and private sector on projects that benefit the community, including health, education, justice, transport, social services, energy and resources.

No matter the scope of your project or scale of your team, we’re committed to helping you capitalise on commercial opportunities while maximising the financial, social and environmental benefits of your initiatives.

Our expertise

  • Infrastructure strategy
  • Digital strategy
  • Project development advisory
  • Engineering and assurance advisory
  • Asset portfolio strategy and performance
  • Policy advisory
  • Risk and compliance advisory
  • Corporate governance
  • Transformational programs
  • Infrastructure co-investment through value sharing

    RPS Executive Advisor, Tim Crane on how Australia can start a successful conversation about community co-investment in infrastructure.

    01 /02
    Infrastructure co-investment through value sharing video
  • Parallel planning and development

    RPS Executive Advisor, Luke Franzmann discusses how infrastructure project development can be accelerated, without leaving rigour in the rear view.

    02 /02
    Fast tracked infrastructure_Luke Franzmann

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