Renewable energy research & development

The renewables sector must evolve to be able to meet market demand. Renewable energy research and development (R&D) is vital, whether it's ensuring accurate feasibility data to support billion-dollar investment or meeting the complex challenges of consenting/permitting.

We are active in R&D related to renewables, which has benefits throughout the development lifecycle - from improving baseline studies all the way through to supporting the construction stage.

Discover some of our recent projects below. 

Let’s hear it for the buoys: celebrating a data milestone

RPS Floating LIDAR buoys provide highly accurate data to inform offshore wind development. These innovative buoys offer world-leading measurement technology for uses such as site selection, yield optimisation, array engineering and workplace safety. They have recently celebrated a big milestone: collecting six years of data, with their comms systems yet to drop a single 10-minute transmission. What is more, transmission went uninterrupted even when two buoys in deep water took a direct hit from a typhoon!


DOC - Floating lidar Sea Trial-38.jpg

Offshore ornithology: advancing the study of bird behaviour around wind farms

Uncertainty around bird behaviour creates a challenge for offshore wind consenting and makes Environmental Impact Assessments more difficult. An RPS study in partnership with DHI Group, commissioned by Vattenfall, has delivered important data on where birds fly in relation to wind farms and how they approach turbines. Using radar technology, software-linked to cameras, as well as AI, the study will contribute to our understanding of birds for risk assessment and mitigation. It is part of the €3 million Scientific Research and Monitoring Programme funded by Vattenfall’s EOWDC test and demonstration facility.

RPS ornithology - gannet in flight

Mike Armitage

A sound strategy: studying minke whale responses to acoustic deterrent devices (ADDs)

Could the outcomes of recently published research on minke whales and their responses to Acoustic Deterrent Devices (ADDs) in Iceland help to improve processes around gaining consent for offshore wind farm development?

RPS recently participated in a research study by the Marine Conservation Research team. The learnings from this study will add to our understanding of strategies to protect marine mammals, with possible benefits for offshore wind development projects. 

minke whale

Informed decisions for offshore wind

Already limited windows of opportunity for on-site construction and operational maintenance are often reduced by changing weather and uncertainty regarding MetOcean conditions. Effectively navigating this complex network of challenges requires integrated software systems, like RPS OceansMap, to ensure success.

oil rig after a storm

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