Real-time data-driven integrity assessment for Shell, US Gulf of Mexico

RPS and Stress Engineering Services (SES) have created an integrated system that combines a sophisticated digital twin structural model with real-time sensor data. It allows operators to evaluate asset performance and integrity through web-based dashboards. The system is being piloted on Shell’s Mars Tension Leg Platform in the US Gulf of Mexico where a variety of sensors, including a metocean array installed and managed by RPS, were available to provide critical input to the system.


Many factors contribute to structural fatigue over the lifespan of offshore oil rigs, including variable environmental factors such as waves, wind and current.  As the operating life depends on the level of fatigue, accurately predicting the impact of the past, and forecasting future impacts, is essential for asset optimisation.  This requires a complex integration of measured and modelled environmental data together with sophisticated digital twins that mimic the structural response.


RPS and SES have applied leading technology that delivers on each group’s strengths to create an integrated web-based, real-time virtual structural fatigue analysis tool.  It is a true example of being stronger together, combining RPS’ leading OceansMap platform with SES' NeoSight.

OceansMap seamlessly integrates local observations, including specific facility measurements from a variety of sensors, with external weather and ocean data sources that include forecasts and past observations.  These are integrated into the physics-based models that form the digital twin of the asset within NeoSight, allowing fatigue and integrity assessment using the measured and predicted conditions experienced on-site.

The system supports customised advanced dashboard reporting and alerting based on pre-determined key performance indicators (KPIs).  The unique advisory system of alerts based on KPIs reduces the risk of non-productive time. It allows inspections and maintenance schedules to be optimised based on the metocean conditions impacting the structure and its actual performance.  Virtual fatigue and real-time asset health monitoring facilitate a proactive management approach.

All putting more knowledge in the hands of managers 24/7, reducing costs and allowing informed decisions about maintenance and end-of-life considerations.

"The system will be an important element in our digital asset integrity management plan. The system enables us to manage our assets more proactively by providing: a visual dashboard; indications of the current condition of our assets; a unique advisory system equipped with pre-set key performance indicators; and optimised inspection frequencies to ensure structural integrity."

Ilkay Darilmaz

Robotics and automation technology lead at Shell Deepwater Technology

Key details

Project name
Real-time data-driven integrity assessment for Shell, US Gulf of Mexico


US Gulf of Mexico

 2019 - Ongoing

Services provided

  • Monitoring systems design and implementation
  • Visualisation, dashboards and automated reporting
  • Real-time data integration
  • Cloud-based data storage systems
  • Project and logistics management

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