Great Lakes Acoustic Telemetry Observation System (GLATOS)

RPS has been actively working on the Great Lakes Acoustic Telemetry Observing System (GLATOS) database and website system. The GLATOS project is sponsored by the Great Lakes Fisheries Commission and the Great Lakes Observing System (GLOS). GLATOS involves a network of researchers conducting acoustic telemetry studies of fish movement in the Laurentian Great Lakes. Scientists have been implanting Great Lakes fish with transmitters and, similar to GPS tracking devices on vehicles, have been tracking fish movement through a network of receiver’s placed on the bottom of the lakes. GLATOS provides these researchers opportunities to collaborate, develop partnerships, and share fish detection data among the various projects in the Great Lakes.

RPS has been developing a back end database and web application that provides a central data warehouse of acoustic telemetry project information and helps users learn more about ongoing acoustic telemetry projects in the Great Lakes and share fish detection data. The GLATOS website contains a data portal where registered members can enter in project metadata and upload acoustic telemetry associated with that project.

Fish tag metadata is matched to detections at various receivers and tag owners are notified. The website also contains a mapping application that displays acoustic receiver locations and has several data filtering options. Other pages on the website contain information about acoustic telemetry that help scientists and the public learn more about the ongoing projects in the region and their contribution to research.


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