Virtual public consultation

Providing a more resilient approach to community and stakeholder engagement, a virtual consultation can help you remove barriers, progress approvals and connect with your audience virtually. 

Your audience is online. Be there with them.

In today’s digital world people are used to consuming information on-demand wherever and whenever they choose. A virtual exhibition makes participation easy for your stakeholders, driving better engagement for your project.

Allow your audience to access proposals, interact with visualisations, share their comments and dive into detail - all in their own time and in the comfort of their own home. 


Because better insights do exist

Remove the pain of manual feedback collation and learn more about your audience with customised attendance, dwell time, engagement and feedback reports as well as analytics for the most visited information. 

Personalised to you and your project, the virtual consultation room captures feedback instantly, providing collated responses at the push of a button. A data-driven understanding of your audience can help you to make informed decisions efficiently and with ease.

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Key features

  • Full 3D environment
  • Analytics report for dwell time and most visited information
  • Easy to collate and export responses
  • Fully customisable – add or remove functionality to suit your requirements
  • Custom branding to suit your project requirements
  • Select from a range of virtual room designs or create your own
  • Choose to have one or multiple virtual rooms
  • Ability to integrate video, graphics, GIS and 3D models into the virtual room
  • Ability to add downloadable content
  • Live chat to connect with the consultation team
  • Booking functionality for a call-back from the consultation team
  • Feedback forms and surveys to capture comments and wider sentiment
  • Mobile responsive – accessible from all devices
  • GDPR compliant

Learn more

With RPS you can tailor your virtual consultation to suit your needs. Whether you want big-bang or low key, with a modular approach you can add or remove functionality to work for your audience. You also have the option to choose from existing room designs or create something bespoke to bring your project to life.

  • Key features
  • Customisation options
  • Managing inclusivity and accessibility
  • Graphical support
  • FAQs
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Virtual consultation for the London Resort

London Resort Company Holdings (LRCH) is proposing to develop a world-class, sustainable, next generation entertainment resort known as the ‘London Resort’, on the banks of the River Thames. RPS delivered the virtual consultation for this Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP), an important step towards the final submission of the masterplan.


London Resort VCR Room 1_Web.png

Expectations are changing. But technology can help you exceed them.

Virtual public consultation provides an enhanced experience for you and your audience to give your project the best chance of success.

Darren Parker, Operational Director - Planning

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Leading minds


Brilliant minds finding solutions to complex problems, made easy to understand. Making complex easy.

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