Environmental Data Services (EDS)

RPS Environmental Data Services mission is to collect, process, and redistribute global and regional real-time and historical oceanographic, meteorological, and environmental data that is used for marine response and crisis management. Operational applications of these datasets include oil and chemical spill response modeling and search and rescue (SAR) planning.  The EDS allows for user-friendly visualizations and internet-based distribution through web services. 

RPS leverages decades of experience in MetOcean data management and analysis to establish partnerships with global and regional entities to provide 24/7 access to a wealth of data sources through the EDS subscription service. The EDS aggregates and redistributes global data sources including National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), United States Navy (US NAVY), Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS), European Copernicus Marine (CMEMS), and numerous other sources to operational users worldwide.

Applications for EDS:

  • OceansMap: RPS Data visualization platform that allows users to access, visualize, and interpret a broad range of environmental data from around the globe, including real-time observations, model forecasts, and response assets. More>
  • OILMAP/SIMAP: Advanced oil spill modeling framework for spill response, preparedness and training for surface spills through to subsurface blowouts. More>
  • SARMAP: RPS search and rescue/recovery modeling tool that forecasts the location of drifting objects and missing persons on the sea and gives planners a platform to track and launch search and recovery assets. More>
  • CHEMMAP: Advanced chemical spill model for spill response, preparedness and training. More>
  • AIRMAP: An air dispersion modeling application that is linked to OILMAP and CHEMMAP and is designed to calculate the distribution of volatile organic compounds, chemical vapors and gas when oil or chemicals are spilled. More>
  • SAROPS: An ESRI based search and rescue planning system developed and utilized by United States Coast Guard and other international Coast Guards for Search and Rescue (SAR) case planning and management of SAR missions. More>

Features of EDS:

  • Collects and disseminates environmental information (i.e.: sea surface temperature, air temperature, visibility, wave height, global/regional tides, winds, and currents);
  • Supports a wide variety of global and regional MetOcean data sources (observations and models) and formats, in real-time and historical mode;
  • Provides 24/7 access to predictions: atmospheric (winds, temperature), oceanographic (currents, ice, waves);
  • Facilitates data management, analysis, visualization and internet-based distribution through Web services;
  • Makes MetOcean data available to operational users via standard web services user interfaces, web clients, desktop clients, Google Earth, etc;
  • Thresholding capabilities and custom rendering;
  • Caching for improved performance;
  • Integral component of SAROPS(USCG) and SARMAP(International)

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