CHEMMAP is a chemical discharge modeling and response system that predicts the transport, fate, and biological impacts of a wide variety of chemical substances in the marine environment and atmosphere.

Applications of CHEMMAP

  • Emergency response
  • Risk assessment
  • Contingency planning- including worst case scenario
  • Natural resource damage assessment
  • Drills and education
  • Cost-benefit analysis
Oil Refinery

CHEMMAP 7.4 Software Release

RPS is excited to announce the launch of Version 7.4 of OILMAP, SARMAP and CHEMMAP. During the development of this release, we worked closely with end users and industry partners to integrate feedback and continually improve our applications. This update brings together interface and model improvements, new capabilities and feature updates to provide users with cutting edge modeling software.

CHEMMAP highlights

  • Chemical Fates Model
  • Atmospheric dispersion Model
  • Biological Exposure and Effects Model
  • Stochastic Model
  • Hazard Quotient Calculations
  • Interactive GIS
  • Access to real-time met-ocean data via EDS


  • 3D chemical transport and fate model in water and air
  • Includes integrated GIS, compatible with other GIS tools
  • World-wide application
  • Includes algorithms for dissolution, evaporation, volatilization, sediment interaction, adsorption, shoreline interaction
  • Easy to interpret visualization of chemical concentrations over time
  • Seamlessly linked to AIRMAP
  • Biological exposure model to predict exposed fish and wildlife impacts
  • Extensive chemical database providing physical-chemical data for over 900 chemicals
  • EDS: Environmental Data Server integration
  • Available as Desktop application, Web-based tool, and ArcGIS extension 

CHEMMAP modules

CHEMMAP simulates the following processes:

  • Initial plume dynamics
  • Slick spreading, transport, and entrainment of floating materials
  • Evaporation and volatilization (to atmosphere)
  • Transport and dispersion of dissolved and particulate materials in the water column and in the atmosphere
  • Dissolution and adsorption to suspended sediments
  • Sedimentation and resuspension
  • Natural degradation
  • Shoreline interaction

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