SARMAP is a search and rescue model system that provides rapid predictions of the movement of drifting objects and missing persons in marine and aeronautical environments. When objects are missing, whether it is missing vessels, missing persons or containers, a primary concern is where these objects will travel and where is the most probable search area.

SARMAP features

  • Includes the ability to deploy search & rescue units (SRUs) with search patterns
  • Calculates probability of containment (POC), probability of detection (POD), and probability of success (POS) based on the IAMSAR Manual guidelines.
  • Includes simple graphical procedures for specifying search and rescue incidents and live feed of forecast wind and current data.
  • Outputs an intuitive graphical overview of the search object trajectory so operators can easily deliver search area information to on scene assists.
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SARMAP 7.4 Software Release

RPS is excited to announce the launch of Version 7.4 of OILMAP, SARMAP and CHEMMAP. During the development of this release, we worked closely with end users and industry partners to integrate feedback and continually improve our applications. This update brings together interface and model improvements, new capabilities and feature updates to provide users with cutting edge modeling software.

SARMAP interface

SARMAP includes a database of drift behavior for a variety
of objects based on the latest U.S. Coast Guard data. The
database contains 101 water objects and 27 aeronautical
objects which can be selected from a list in the search
and rescue model form.


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