OILMAP is an oil spill model system suitable for use in oil spill response and contingency planning. OILMAP provides rapid predictions of the movement of spilled oil. A comprehensive 3D model is included that tracks various hydrocarbon components on the water surface, in the water column, and in the air.

OILMAP Features:

  • Includes algorithms for spreading, evaporation, emulsification, entrainment, oilshoreline, oil-reed bed, and oil-ice interaction.
  • Surface and subsurface oil movement can be animated to identify shoreline impacts.
  • Outputs graphical and tabular listings of weathering mass balance results, and display of GIS resources impacted by the spill.
  • Includes simple graphical procedures for specifying the spill scenario and entering both wind and hydrodynamic data.
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Trajectory & Fates

Far-field model for surface and subsurface releases that predicts the 3D trajectory and fate of oil for instantaneous or continuous release spills.



Used for risk assessment and contingency planning. Helps determine most likely spill paths and minimum time on monthly, seasonal, or annual basis.



A near-field model used to simulate subsurface releases of oil and gas. OILMAPDEEP predicts the near-field plume characteristics and oil droplet size distributions for a specified release.



An atmospheric dispersion model integrated into OILMAP that is designed to predict the trajectory and fate of oil in the atmosphere.



OILMAPLand is a land and surface water spill model system for simulating oil and chemical releases from pipelines and storage facilities. OILMAPLAND fills the need for a numerical modeling tool for oil and chemical spills that occur on land and then migrate to streams and lakes.



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OILMAPWeb is a web based system for modelling oil releases. It provides rapid predictions of the movement of spilled oil. It includes simple procedures for simulating a spill using wind and hydrodynamic data and specifying spill parameters. OILMAPWeb fills the need for remote modelling of oil spills when a spill occurs. It can be coupled with GIS response resources and a multimedia reference section containing response information to assist in response strategies and planning.

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