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Programs aren’t just big projects. And when it comes to delivering them, understanding and reporting on the status and progress of multiple initiatives can quickly become a complex task. 

How our RPS portfolio management consultants support you

At RPS we offer clients project management consulting services coupled with myProjects - a project management solution designed for large scale complex programs of work across multiple sectors. myProjects is RPS' technology solution for portfolio, program and project management and reporting, delivered with industry-leading program expertise and support from our specialists.

How myProjects makes complex easy

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Manage, report and share complex program information with ease

With multiple stakeholders, sites and contractors to deal with, collating data from across what could be, hundreds of projects and sources, is time consuming, prone to human error and slows down decision making. Drawing on decades of experience delivering complex, multi-phase programs of work over hundreds of locations, we’ve developed a cloud-based client-side project management software solution that helps project managers, directors, sponsors and stakeholders to report and share portfolio, program and project information with ease.

Deploy in weeks, not months

myProjects is a quick-deployment software solution that can start adding value and saving time for your program in just weeks.

myProjects can be fully customised to your specific organisation and governance requirements and ensures insights – from site safety and critical path progression to overall program budget, risk and status reports – are accurate, aligned and immediate.

Apply your own governance model

myProjects allows you to apply your own project management office (PMO) governance principles and stay in control through program specific decision gates (which can vary by program), governance rules and project sites. Staff, contractors and consultants are empowered to operate consistently and collaborate with ease.

Access insights any time

myProjects gives portfolio and program executives access to reliable, real-time data that is automatically aggregated from across entire portfolios/programs of work. With insights available at any time, you are empowered to make informed decisions to help mitigate risks.

Stay informed and in control

Individual project level data feeds upwards to dynamically update program insights, meaning program directors and PMOs have the information to manage risks before they become problems. It provides easy visualisation of program health metrics such as safety, quality, cost and time across hundreds of sites.

Manage and report with ease

Through intuitive templates and one click reporting, myProjects makes life easy for site project managers with its intuitive, easy to use platform for document management, collaboration, reporting and resourcing, risk mitigation and more.

Large range of integrations

myProjects can seamlessly integrate with the likes of MS Project, P6, SAP, Itwocx, and many other standard technology stacks.

Getting started

We assess your scope of work to determine reporting requirements, existing processes and methodologies (planned or operational), preferred systems for integration and user access requirements.

From there, we use an agile deployment methodology to rollout myProjects on a per module basis, ensuring your project’s pain points are prioritised. Overall working functionality is delivered as early as possible, with ongoing enhancements and iterations to build the maturity of the functionality and breadth of reporting. This approach allows you to immediately reap the benefits of the tool and address the key concerns that keep you awake at night.

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James Gledhill

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