Achieving net zero carbon

The science has never been clearer, and as businesses and governments around the world pledge their commitment to net zero carbon, the call to act has never been more pressing. RPS is committed to reaching net zero carbon using science-based targets and we are ready to help you achieve it too.


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How to build a carbon neutral strategy

Alex Mozaffari, Director for Sustainability, shares his advice for businesses at the start of their journey to net zero carbon and how to set up for success by getting the right strategy in place.

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What are Scope 3 emissions and why are they important?

Reducing Scope 1 and 2 emissions, those under the direct ownership and operational control of the business is usually the first target in a company’s carbon reduction strategy. However, to become truly carbon neutral, Scope 3 emissions, which are indirect emissions released upstream and downstream in a company’s value chain, need to be prioritised too. 

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Could your land reduce your carbon footprint?

As every sector looks to decarbonise and become carbon neutral, land holders have a unique opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint through nature-based solutions such as woodland planting and carbon sequestration.


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Measuring Embodied Carbon

To decarbonise the built environment, we need to reduce the greenhouse gases that are emitted during the construction of our assets - the Embodied Carbon. Understanding where these emissions are generated, and reducing them accordingly, is critical if we want to deliver net zero assets.

Kester Purslow, Senior Director gives an insight into how we tackle embodied carbon when delivering low carbon design solutions on behalf of our clients.

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Helping you become carbon neutral

Whether you're at the start of your net zero journey or you've already committed but now need the expertise to reach your targets or the solutions to deliver a net zero project, we can guide you in the right direction. 

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Net zero made easy

Your carbon footprint might be complex, but your journey to carbon neutral doesn’t have to be.

With RPS, you will work in partnership with a trusted advisor – your carbon champion – to give you confidence at every stage.



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Driving the transition to a net zero future

We're proud members of the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC), an industry-led organisation on a mission to radically improve the sustainability of the built environment, transforming the way it’s planned, designed, constructed, maintained and operated.

RPS Consulting UK & Ireland have also pledged to Pledge to Net Zero, joining organisations from across the environmental services sector to take a leadership role in the transition to a Net Zero carbon future. We have pledged to set and deliver a greenhouse target and publicly report our emissions and progress each year.


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