Net Zero Carbon Strategy

Organisations are facing increasing pressure to demonstrate a coherent Corporate Responsibility Strategy and robust environment, social, governance (ESG) reporting. Central to both is the net zero carbon agenda. And setting a clear strategy to achieve this is crucial to ensuring success.

Developing a net zero carbon strategy: the four key stages

You may be ready to commit to net-zero carbon but are unsure where to start. Or perhaps you have made a start developing your net-zero carbon strategy but need some support to implement.

Wherever you are in your net-zero journey, we can support to refine and shape direction, as well as provide integrated solutions to make complex easy.

With multi-disciplinary expertise and a holistic approach, we can help you achieve your sustainability goals by working in partnership to determine your current emissions, set clear reduction targets, and outline a net-zero roadmap.

1. Status check, gap analysis & goal setting

The best way to capture existing work efforts while establishing future needs is to complete a gap analysis review. Coupled with benchmarking, this initial stage provides direction for next few. 

Establishing your carbon footprint will identify carbon hotspots around your direct and indirect activities and ensure that energy, focus and resources are efficiently utilised.

Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions

Once a baseline has been established, opportunities to reduce emissions can be identified and goals set. Reducing Scope 1 and 2 emissions is usually the first target in a carbon reduction strategy. However, it’s important to also address Scope 3 emissions.

Our experts can help you to understand your current climate impact to identify a baseline and help you define your goals.

Ground up view of city buildings with gardens and trees

2. Set a science-based target, strategy and route plan

Ensuring your net-zero carbon strategy and commitments are aligned to a science-based target will ensure your plan is robust.

Targets should be set in alignment with the Paris Agreement and the most recent Glasgow Climate Pact from COP26, which is a legally binding international treaty on climate change.

Setting realistic targets and devising a plan to achieve them will provide the basis of your roadmap toward carbon neutrality.  Modelling the pathway for setting a science-based target and the reduction trajectories for a 1.5-degree and well below 2-degree pathway would inform this discussion and establish what is both realistic and robust.

Our team has extensive experience assisting organisations to set science-based carbon reduction targets and can provide trusted and pragmatic advice help you set yours.

3. Implementation

Once you have a plan in place you will need to ensure that each step is implemented appropriately. You may need to draw on a variety of experts to ensure each part of your plan is effectively executed.

We can help you to design and source sustainable solutions to help you achieve your targets. Further information on our Net Zero Carbon services can be found in our Net Zero Carbon brochure.

Path to Net Zero Carbon

4. Progress evaluation and communication

It's important to build in regular review points when developing your plan, so you can assess and evaluate progress, and share key information with relevant people. Including key metrics in your roadmap help to monitor success and can also be used for public reporting, as well as creating a benchmark for the next stage of your roadmap. We are experienced in supporting a number of our long-term clients in both measuring and reporting their progress against their net zero carbon plan and responding to investor and other stakeholders’ enquiries.


Helping you reach net zero carbon

At RPS, we have defined our purpose to create shared value by solving problems that matter to a complex, urbanising and resource-scarce world. One of our greatest environmental contributions is through our role as advisor to our clients; helping to positively shape the impacts of the projects we are involved in.

We have extensive experience working with our clients through building longstanding relationships over numerous years working together developing and enhancing corporate strategy performance. Some of our clients we have been working with for over 20 years growing the relationship as market drivers, benchmarks and stakeholder expectations evolve.

RPS is committed to reaching net zero carbon using science-based targets and we are here to help you achieve it too.

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