We provide a flexible and responsive approach to meet the demands of a changing environment. With leakage being a priority for your customers, we’re committed to deliver leakage detection and analysis strategies that reduce the time taken to detect and repair leaks, minimising customer impact and reducing leakage.

Meeting the demands of resource-scarce world

Our Strategy to Operations approach to leakage management focuses on how we target, collect and analyse network data to support your proactive asset maintenance regimes. Coupled with our bespoke Waternet® software we manage sensor data to analyse leakage, consumption and performance to be on the front foot and drive value from smart networks.

We have over 1,300 staff dedicated to our water services. Our teams are supported by a comprehensive network of specialists in health and safety, training, equipment and vehicle logistics. We take great pride in delivering solutions safely and reliably while ensuring value for money.

Our expertise in leakage strategy and economics has helped many companies define their approach to reducing leakage in the future. We are aware of the challenges that face leakage practitioners every day and have developed approaches that help you overcome these, with a focus on utilising your pre-existing data.

Our expertise

  • Leakage analysis and detection
  • Upstream losses and leakage
  • Leakage economics and strategy
  • Pressure optimisation
  • Pressure Management Valve (PMV) maintenance
  • Mains flushing
  • Meter verification and logging
  • District Metered Area (DMA) validation surveys
  • Water efficiency surveys

Contact us

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Dr Joe Sanders

Senior Technical Director T: +44 7541 908 097 Email
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Derby | UK
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Michael Conaboy

Operations Director, Scotland T: +44 141 578 2269 Email
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Kirkintilloch | UK

Michael Butler

Technical Manager T: +44 (0) 1392 677 333 Email
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Exeter | UK
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Michael Hurley

Technical Manager T: +44 1273 856897 Email
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Albourne | UK

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