Building Safety Case and Reports

The Building Safety Act 2022 is the most significant change to building safety in decades and we’re about to see its impact.

What is the Building Safety Act?

The BSA applies to high-risk residential buildings. It requires that risk management measures must be taken to address potential building safety risks and reduce the severity of any incident, should it occur. Risks are defined as the spread of fire (including all forms of combustion, for example smoke, fumes, and heat), or structural failure.

The Building Safety Regulator, a new construct within the HSE, will start to call in buildings for assessment and issue Building Assessment Certificates from April 2024. With a requirement to respond within 28 days, this means each building should have a building safety regime in place by this time. Compliance is achieved through the development of a Building Safety Case and a Building Safety Case Report.

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Who does the Building Safety Act impact?

Landlords, freeholders and/or persons or organisations in charge of the repair and maintenance of high-rise residential buildings that are 18m or above, or seven or more storeys high will need to develop a building safety case and report for their buildings.

What is a Building Safety Case and a Building Safety Case Report?

Building Safety Case

A building safety case is the process of pulling together any information and supporting evidence used to manage the risk of fire spread and the structural safety of your building. It provides a compelling, comprehensible and valid case that a building is safe.

Building Safety Case Report

A Building Safety Case Report summarises the arguments and evidence of the safety case and documents progress against the safety management plan. It identifies the major fire and structural hazards associated with your building and shows how any risks are being managed as far as reasonably possible to prevent a major incident.

Our approach to compliance

Assessing building safety is a complex interplay between fire and structural risk management. With significant, and proven, expertise in safety case preparation we provide a fully integrated service.

Your dedicated project manager will make complex easy by connecting our full suite of in-house multi-disciplinary expertise to deliver a robust Safety Case for your building or portfolio.

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Making complex easy

A compliant and reliable Building Safety Case and subsequent Building Safety Case Report needs input from a range of technical experts to ensure every risk is identified and the right management solutions are put in place.

Our services

Our multi-disciplinary team of specialists work together to ensure compliance so you can be reassured your building is safe for occupation. 

Uniquely, we bring significant experience of safety case preparation and Safety Case Report delivery and combine it with our fire safety and structural engineering expertise to provide a fully integrated service proposition.

Our team will work with you to identify any fire and structural hazards and highlight the correct course of action to manage and control them.

We bring together everything you need to present a detailed and reliable safety case and report including:

  • Building information
  • Risk assessment and control measures
  • Safety management systems
  • Reporting occurrences and complaints procedures
  • Resident engagement strategy
  • Evidence of all reasonable steps taken and a detailed summary to confirm, if and why the building is safe to occupy and, if required, what further control measures are required

7 signs you have the right BSA consultant

Building Safety Act (BSA) compliance is complex. With a lot of boxes to tick to comply, not getting it right first time will be a costly mistake.

The consultant you choose to help you compile your Building Safety Case and Report will play a key role in your success. But what does good look like when it comes to BSA support and how can you be sure to choose wisely?

We've put together a useful guide to show you what a BSA consultant will do to help you reach compliance. 

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