Faced with regulatory uncertainty, market volatility and growing concerns over long-term, sustainable supply, energy producers need high quality commercial and technical advice to support smart exploration and asset infrastructure development.

Powerful ideas for the energy sector

Specialising in energy exploration, development and optimisation, RPS can assist you to navigate the complexity of energy projects delivered in remote locations - both on and offshore. No matter your project type or phase, our team can support your operations through comprehensive due diligence, safety and management, geotechnical assessment, environmental management, infrastructure planning, design and yield optimisation.

Specialising in energy exploration, asset development and optimisation, RPS utilises custom designed and built equipment, software and visualisation tools to navigate the approvals process; measure, monitor and delineate reserves and onshore/offshore conditions with pin point accuracy, and facilitate the right conversations with investors, regulators and key stakeholders - we facilitate transparent communication and accurate decision making at every level.


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