Advanced Met-Ocean Data Portal supporting decision making and planning

OceansMap unlocks the power of data by translating data into insight and enabling users to make informed decisions. 

It is a data ecosystem; behind the UI a collection of harvesters, processors, and services brings together environmental data and forecasts from disparate sources, applies community standards, and ensures availability for visualization, analysis and decision support.

Data management, maritime planning, water quality, operational response - regardless of your application, OceansMap makes met-ocean data easy.

Explore OceansMap Features

  • Operational Planning

    OceansMap for Operational Planning is an innovative cloud-based platform designed to help marine industry professionals and project managers plan and coordinate their operations. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help users visualize and analyze their operations. With its powerful mapping and visualization capabilities, OceansMap allows users to quickly identify potential areas of risk and optimize their operations accordingly.

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  • Oil Spills

    Using sophisticated oil spill modeling software is an integral part of risk assessments, oil spill contingency plans, exercises, and actual responses to oil spills. The advanced oil spill modeling software of OceansMap can add an additional dimension to oil spill preparedness. RPS provides technical support through OceansMap and advice to clients regarding the running and interpreting of our industry-standard oil spill models. RPS is unique in the industry because it provides oil spill modeling and response planning services.

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  • Search and Rescue

    When an emergency arises, the speed and accuracy of the response can be the difference between life and death. OceansMap is an innovative technology that helps to streamline the search and rescue process by leveraging real-time data from a variety of sources.

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  • Offshore Operations

    A variety of planning, implementation, and operational challenges await offshore developers and contractors who operate in complex ocean environments. It is often the case that changing weather and uncertainty regarding MetOcean conditions are reducing the already limited windows of opportunity for on-site construction and operational maintenance. The successful navigation of this complex network of challenges requires an integrated software system like RPS OceansMap.

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Source formats

  • ​Sensor Observation Services​
  • Databases​
  • Custom APIs
  • ​CSV
  • ​JSON​
  • GeoServer​
  • GeoTiff​
  • ArcGIS Server​
  • Manual upload

Applications for OceansMap

  • Fast Contingency planning
  • Common Operational Picture
  • Online Asset Management
  • Online Data Sharing
  • Met-Ocean Analysis
  • Hindcast/forecast of spill response
  • Response Resource Management
  • Geomatics Data Management

Ocean Data Types

  • Model Forecasts
  • ​Satellite Data​
  • Buoys & Observation Stations
  • ​Profiles
  • ​Gliders​
  • Drifters​
  • Stream Gauges​
  • GIS Services
  • ​LIDAR​
  • Beach Profiles​
  • Sediment Grab Samples

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