Northeast Ocean Data Portal

The Northeast Ocean Data Portal (Portal) was established in 2009 as a centralized, peer-reviewed source of data and maps of the ocean ecosystem and ocean-related human activities from New York through the Gulf of Maine. For nearly 10 years, the Portal has been used to support regulatory, management and business decisions, stakeholder engagement, and educational and research activities.  Users can launch interactive thematic maps, view any combination of layers using the data explorer, share maps, and download data.  A series of video tutorials describe how to use various features of the portal and integrated case studies explain how others are leveraging the portal.

Key Details

Project Name

Northeast Ocean Data Portal 


Northeast Regional Ocean Council (NROC)


  • Flooding and drainage
  • Oil and gas
  • Renewables
  • Security and safety
  • Information and telecommunications


  • New York to Maine, Northeastern US

Services Provided

  • Data management and analysis 
  • Spatial intelligence and GIS 
  • Software Development


The data required to effectively support ocean planning spans a broad set of sectors including marine transportation, commercial fishing, recreation, marine life and habitat, energy, security, and water quality.  These data sets are continually updated and new data frequently become available.  The portal is updated constantly to keep pace with available data and ensure that it is relevant to user needs.

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The RPS portal team maintains and updates the Portal’s databases, maps, and website to ensure that all data, maps, and tools are meeting user needs.  The team meets weekly with the Portal working group to discuss data priorities and development needs.  

RPS supports the Portal working group by:  

  • Providing project management and coordination services 
  • Supporting communication and engagement  
  • Delivering updates and enhancements to meet regional data priorities 
  • Maintaining the Portal infrastructure  
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Project Statistics

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