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RPS energy, environment and ocean science specialists are supporting one of the world’s largest integrated energy developments – Ichthys LNG.

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Following the discovery of the Ichthys Field in 2000 – the largest discovery of hydrocarbon liquid reserves in Australia for more than 40 years - Inpex has been working to develop one of the world’s biggest energy mega projects – Ichthys LNG. Incorporating the world’s largest semi-submersible platform, a floating production, storage and offloading facility, subsea gas pipeline and onshore processing facilities, Ichthys LNG’s has required a large number of technical studies to ensure the project’s design is attuned to ocean and environmental conditions in Australia’s tropical north.

Ichthys LNG-Coral-low-tide-Maret-Island.JPG


Supporting Ichthys LNG’s development since 2004, RPS has completed a wide range of MetOcean measurement programs to help designers understand the wind, wave, tide and current patterns that impact Ichthys’ offshore infrastructure and onshore export hub near Darwin.

Using state-of-the-art oceanographic measurement technologies such as directional wave buoys and high-accuracy current meters, we’ve provided critical information for Ichthys’ engineering, while comprehensive hindcasting and modelling completed by our specialists is helping Inpex to understand and manage the risks posed by extreme weather events. 

Understanding ecosystems and habitats is a vital component of Inpex’s work to mitigate the environmental risk factors associated with the construction and long-term operation of Ichthys LNG, and RPS ecologists have undertaken a wide variety of technical studies to inform the project’s Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Statement (EIS). 

These studies have included comprehensive assessment, mapping and reporting on terrestrial vegetation, birds, reptiles, marine sediments, benthic habitats, seagrasses, water quality, hydrogeology and more. 

Environmental studies

  • Coral at low tide Maret Island

    01 /02
    Ichthys LNG-Coral-low-tide-Maret-Island.JPG
  • Lemarke Island

    02 /02
    Ichthys LNG_Albott-Bertier-Lemarke-Island.jpg

Project Stats

8.9 million
tonnes of LNG per annum projected production capacity
1.6 million
tonnes of LPG per annum projected production capacity
890 km
subsea gas export pipeline

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