Gorgon LNG

RPS specialists have provided a range of technical and advisory services to support the development of one of the world’s largest integrated natural gas facilities – the Gorgon LNG project.

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Constructed in a highly sensitive marine and terrestrial environment - Barrow Island and surrounding waters off the coast of Western Australia - the project comprises deep-water gas gathering facilities, flowlines to shore, shore crossings, LNG plant, wharf and jetty infrastructure, shipping berths and more.

RPS has been involved in all phases of the planning and approvals process from site selection to construction, including coordination of one of the largest and most complex Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) ever undertaken in Australia. 

Turtle Hatching on Barrow Island WA


Senior members of our team were embedded with the client to lead and manage Gorgon LNG’s environmental approvals, with 13 RPS consultants seconded to Chevron at the project’s peak.

Drawing on our experience working on major energy infrastructure developments both on and offshore, RPS oversaw the design and delivery of the ecological baseline studies and technical reports for the project’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) / Environmental Review and Management Program (ERMP) – a pivotal success factor for a development that traverses such unique and sensitive island, coastal, subterranean and marine ecosystems.

Of particular importance was the comprehensive program of marine and environmental modelling our team undertook to inform the Gorgon engineering team’s understanding of wave, wind and tidal conditions, and potential environmental risks associated with the project’s construction and operation. Our work has contributed to the development of an award-winning biodiversity and biosecurity management systems.

RPS services

  • Marine biology, baseline studies and dredge monitoring
  • Terrestrial and subterranean ecology
  • Strategic advice
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIS/ERMP)
  • Site selection
  • Environmental approvals
  • Marine growth predictions
  • MetOcean measurement
  • HSE and risk

Ecological studies

  • Turtle hatchling on Barrow Island

    01 /03
    Turtle Hatching on Barrow Island WA
  • Dugong spotted off Barrow Island

    02 /03
    Dolphin at Barrow Island WA
  • Gecko on Barrow Island

    03 /03
    Hand holding Gecko on Barrrow Island WA


  • Australian Biosecurity Award 2015 (Chevron)
  • Contractor HSE Award (Chevron)

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