Contaminated land solutions: Unexpected Finds Protocol

RPS has developed an Unexpected Finds Protocol to support one of our clients to effectively and safely manage contamination risks when hazardous materials are unexpectedly discovered on its construction sites.

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When it comes to development projects, uncovering substances like asbestos, waste, or underground structures can cause significant risks to workers and the local environment.

To help our client’s contractors to manage such discoveries confidently and safely, RPS’ Western Australian contaminated land management team has developed an easy-to-understand and implement procedure.

Unexpected Finds Protocol - Baldivis Rd car bodies


The Unexpected Finds Protocol helps mitigate risks to human health and the environment while managing the financial risks and delays that can occur when contamination is not managed properly.

It gives clear guidance for what to do when commonly encountered unexpected finds are present, including:

  • Asbestos sheeting, fragments or pipework
  • Drains, tanks and soakwells
  • Underground building structures or footings
  • Fuel lines and storage tanks
  • Demolition or putrescible waste
  • Illegally dumped or buried items.

The protocol instructs contractors and workers on stop work procedures, reporting lines for unexpected finds, recording and assessment processes, and specialist contractors who can guide the safe removal or management of risk materials.

You never know what will turn up on site!

  • Hydrocarbon impacts

    01 /05
    Unexpected Finds Protocol - ACM Hydrocarbon Impacts
  • Leach drains

    02 /05
    Unexpected Finds Protocol - Leach drains
  • Septic tank

    03 /05
    Unexpected Finds Protocol - Septic tank
  • Car bodies

    04 /05
    Unexpected Finds Protocol - Baldivis Rd car bodies
  • Burial pit

    05 /05
    Unexpected Finds Protocol - Burial Pit

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