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Greg Harrison, Victorian Lead - Strategy and Investment

Greg Harrison, RPS  Victorian Lead for Strategy and Investment stands in front of Pillars outside the State Library of Victoria in Melbourne CBS.

A relative newcomer to RPS, Greg Harrison is our Victorian Lead for Strategy and Investment. A born and bred Victorian who has been shaping major infrastructure projects for more than twenty years, we sat down with Greg to talk energy transition, digital twins and making a difference for the state he loves.

QYou’ve recently joined the RPS Advisory leadership team, tell us about your role

I’ve been tasked with growing and developing our Victorian Strategy and Investment team, which is responsible for defining strategies, ideating and developing projects with a focus on the infrastructure and development sectors.

My team provides a diverse range of consulting services including business case development and assurance, strategic planning (projects and businesses), infrastructure procurement, change management, master planning, major project approvals, transactions, and due diligence services. Three principal areas that I focus on include the aviation sector, our energy transition, and rail network planning.

I’m currently working on a major energy transition project for a private sector client that will assist Victoria in diversifying our renewables base, and help expedite our journey to a lower-carbon future.

Whether I’m in the RPS office or working from home, a typical day for me involves working with both public and private sector clients in an advisory capacity to plan and deliver their projects.

Quick Q&A

Top pick for Melbourne coffee?

Joe Frank Café, near home. In the CBD, Patricia Coffee Brewer is my favourite.

Footy team?

Hawthorn. I had family play for them so I would be ostracized if I followed anyone else!

How long have you lived in Melbourne?

I was born in Melbourne, but spent my childhood in regional Victoria. 

Favourite place to spend time?

The G (but only when my team wins, which has not been too often recently).

Top local band?

Birds of Tokyo with a preference for their early music.

QYou’ve been a consultant for many years now, what do you love about it?

Working on a wide range of projects in different geographies and communities is one of the exciting elements of my work life. In one way or another, I have worked on infrastructure projects in each state and territory.

This diversity of consulting work has provided me with an opportunity to better understand different places and communities, to communicate and engage with a broad range of stakeholders, and hopefully, have a positive impact for future generations.

QAs an expert on project prioritisation, definition and planning, how do you think Victoria is doing in terms of infrastructure investment?

I think we are really starting to embrace integrated transport and land use solutions, particularly in metropolitan Melbourne. Victoria is rapidly embracing digital technologies and the development of a Victoria-wide digital twin is a good illustration of this. Relative to other jurisdictions, I think Victoria has a very comprehensive, evidence-based and robust business case development and assurance framework.

Victoria’s economic and population growth has been on a positive upward trajectory over several years now so it’s really important for us to prioritise investment and asset optimisation to ensure that it is equitable, sustainable, and maximises positive impacts for communities.

By unlocking wider economic benefits and enhancing social value via our consulting work, our team at RPS is well placed to help shape Victoria’s future growth.

QYou sound like you’ve just about done it all from a consulting perspective, but what would a dream project look like for you?

Having a meaningful and lasting project impact on Victoria is important to me and working on projects that facilitate our overall energy transition is critical. The transition away from our thermal generating electricity assets and reducing our carbon emissions is an urgent planning and societal challenge that we need to embrace collectively and rapidly for future generations. Facilitating change and a new norm for these kinds of societal challenges and problems is always a professional motivation.

QTell us why you’re a proud Victorian?

Victoria is my home. We have a magnificent array of attractions, experiences and events that make it a wonderful place to live, work and play. With a focus on planning and investment in infrastructure and development projects, I am personally motivated by the opportunity to have a positive and lasting impact on our great state’s future.

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Greg Harrison

Practice Leader – Great Places & Spaces

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