RPS to support a potential offshore wind development in New Zealand / Aotearoa

08 Nov 2022

RPS is excited to be working on the first phase of a potential offshore wind farm development off the west coast of New Zealand / Aotearoa.


Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) and the New Zealand Superannuation Fund are working to bring offshore wind to South Taranaki and support New Zealand’s renewable energy targets. The venture has identified a potential site for an offshore wind farm in the South Taranaki Bight.

Project Director Tamara Al-Hashimi says RPS will help determine whether the site is suitable for development.

“We’ll be developing a marine ecology survey program that will include a review of existing data and knowledge of the region to identify potential gaps and species / habitats that could be at risk of impacts from offshore wind development,” she said.

“We’ll be looking at the distribution and seasonality of marine mammals, seabirds and shorebirds, fish, invertebrates and benthic habitats and communities across the proposed project area and surrounding region.

“At this early stage, it’s important to work closely with local iwi and key stakeholders. We want to collaborate effectively so we can design and develop the marine ecology studies needed to undertake environmental assessments and inform an offshore wind farm’s approval.”

RPS will draw on its in-country knowledge as well as its extensive global expertise in offshore wind to design the study program.

Our local team includes Project Manager Lance Furniss, who says it will be great to work on a project in New Zealand after working in the offshore wind sector overseas.

“I spent a number of years working on offshore wind developments in the United Kingdom, including on Hornsea Project One. I’m looking forward to this opportunity to bring my knowledge and experience back home.

“And while the industry is just beginning here in New Zealand, there are positive signs about the potential of offshore wind, particularly off South Taranaki.”

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Tamara Al-Hashimi

Tamara Al-Hashimi

Technical Director - Marine Science T: +61 8 9211 1111 Email
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Lance Furniss Project Director headshot

Lance Furniss

Project Director T: +64 22 435 5734 Email
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